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Marketing & Signage

In early 2007 I quit my marketing and signage sales job and started Octangle Marketing, from the living room of a friends apartment. The aim has always been to create an all inclusive signage and branding company, using the years of experience I had in the industry, and to really focus on the client. We aim to offer good old fashioned customer relations, and efficient service.

How Octangle Marketing Started


The company quickly grew into a corporate gifting company, due to the popularity back then as well as our cutting edge (for the time) website. I hired an energetic young sales person and we moved into our first office soon after.

The dream was to offer a full branding service. In order to achieve this we bought our first wide format printer. This is when the company grew and matured into the vision I always had. We expanded rapidly, hiring more sales staff and eventually our own designers and signage installation crew. Purchasing and moving into our own building was the next big step, enabling us to grow the digital printing and signage part of our business.

Since then we have grown into the branding and signage company I envisioned and we changed our name to Octangle Marketing & Signage, to show or portray what our business had evolved into. We now specialise in signage, banners and digital printing, corporate gifts and clothing and other printing services, offering our clients pretty much a full business branding solution.

What makes us different and unique?


Our number one position in the industry is without a doubt due to good customer service. We deliver a quality product on time. This has always served us well and makes us stand out above the rest.  This sounds like any other “about us” babble but with our ridiculously low staff turnover (some employees and suppliers have been with us for over 10 years), we really can offer clients exactly what they need. Good relationships are after all built on years of trust. Knowing what, when and how to offer a client exactly what they need, when they need it, as well as advising them in a clear and honest way is what sets us apart from our competition.

Why choose us?


We have dealt with a wide spectrum of clients, from large multi-national corporations with complicated marketing campaigns to small start-up businesses that simply need a couple stickers or car magnets to get their name or product out there. We always strive to treat each and every customer in the same honest and helpful manner. We offer a vast portfolio of products and services and what we can’t do in-house we have built up long-established partnerships with great suppliers that have the same beliefs and values that we have. This truly sets us apart from our competitors, helping us provide the products and services that we only dreamt of offering back in 2007.

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