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3D & Illuminated Signage

3D lettering and custom led signs are the perfect solution for bold & effective business branding for both indoor and outdoor applications. 3D signs for businesses can play a major role in how your brand is perceived and how effective your business branding strategy is.

There are two main types of 3D signage, pin mounted 3D letters (aluminium or perspex) and channel letters or dimensional letter signs (perspex fabricated box letters). You can also have an image, shape or your logo made three dimensional. All these options can be transformed into LED illuminated signs, ideal for retail or shop front signage solutions. The 3 main illuminated signage options are:

Light box signs – These have a simple design structure with inside illumination.

Front-lit 3D letter signs – All the letters are illuminated from inside, which ensures their different colours really shine through.

Backlit / reverse-lit / halo 3D letter signs – Every letter or element has an illuminated drop-shadow or background.

3D Aluminium Signs

Custom laser cut metal signs or aluminium 3D signs are perfect for offices, wall decor and business signage creating a professional look as well as being extremely durable and long lasting.

These aluminium cut-out letter & logo signs are CNC laser cut and finished in anodised or brushed aluminium effect, professionally sprayed to pantone colour or vinyl graphics are applied.

The aluminium signage elements are mounted flush or via stainless steel pins to create the floating or 3D effect.

3D Aluminium Signs
3D Fabricated Perspex Signs

3D Fabricated Perspex Signs

Perspex letters & 3D perspex logos are popular in retail and architectural signage solutions. These 3D fabricated channel letters & logos are 100% customisable. 

We offer this 3D signage as standalone elements or mount them to a backing board perfect for both indoor and outdoor signage solutions.

The 3D signage elements are manufactured from cast or coloured perspex or acrylic pieces fixed together to create the final box letter or logo. These elements can also be sprayed to your desired pantone colour.

LED Illuminated Signs

Adding custom LED illumination transforms 3D signage into a 24 hour business signage solution. The popular options are internal illumination and back-lighting, creating the halo effect behind the 3D lettering.

We install LED strip lighting inside these fabricated perspex elements, channel or box letters that make it glow the colour of the perspex or print that has been used. 

LED strips are mounted behind the aluminium cut-out letters that give it the illuminated drop-shadow effect. 

LED Illuminated Signs
Light Box Signs

Light Box Signs

Our custom light box signs are internally illuminated by fluorecent tubes or LED’s and are supplied with either a full colour vinyl print applied to an opal perspex backing or backlit PVC prints for large light box signs.

These custom light box signs are perfect for retail signage solutions and companies that require their branding to be visible at night and are generally more affordable than custom 3D illuminated signs. 


3D & Illuminated Signage Portfolio

Here are examples of some of the 3D & Illuminated Signage we’ve made and installed in the past

3D Fabricated Perspex Sign
3D Lightbox Sign
3D Aluminium with LED illumination 3
Basic Lightbox sign 3
3D Aluminium sign 2
3D Illuminated Perspex Sign 2
3D Illuminated Perspex Sign 2
3D Aluminium with LED illumination 4
Basic Lightbox sign 5
3D Lightbox Sign
Basic Lightbox sign 2
3D Fabricated Perspex Sign 2
Basic Lightbox sign 4
3D Aluminium with LED illumination
3D Aluminium sign
3D Aluminium sign 3

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