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Perspex or Acrylic Signage

Perspex signage, also known as acrylic signage is an excellent choice for simple yet beautiful and creative signs for your office, home, retail or business signage requirements. Branded Perspex Acrylic Signs with full colour digital prints provide an inexpensive but stylish and professional looking modern sign for indoor and selective outdoor use.

There are many choices for this sign material, as it is available in a variety colours and thicknesses: 3mm, 5mm, 8mm and 10mm. Perspex sign boards are mounted via aluminium barrel spacers or stand-off fixings, to create the 3D or floating effect. 

Individual perspex cut-out letters as well as 3D fabricated perspex letter or box letter signs are fabricated from perspex or acrylic sheets and are often used in architectural 3D signage applications. 

Perfect for office numbers, hotel room numbers, corporate office signs, house signs, our perspex signs provide an affordable but stylish addition to any property or business signage solution. 

Perspex with vinyl

Perspex Vinyl Signs

Custom perspex acrylic signage boards are generally supplied with a full colour vinyl print or vinyl cut-out graphics applied to a 3mm or 5mm clear or coloured perspex sheet.

Raised perspex or aluminium cut-out letters can be used to enhance the look of the sign and are mounted flush or via 5mm spacers, to create the 3D effect.

We then mount these perspex sign boards via aluminium barrel spacers to create the raised or floating effect.

Perspex Panel Prints

Your logo, design or artwork is digitally printed on the reverse of the clear perspex panel with a white backing to ensure that your logo looks as vibrant and eye-catching as possible. Business perspex signs need to be eye-catching to make a good first impression on customers or visitors.

These perspex signs are then installed via aluminium barrel spacers to create the 3D or raised effect. This is a great solutions to be used for both business branding, wall art and wall mural applications.

Perspex with back print
Perspex With Aluminium Backing Plate

Clear Perspex with Aluminium Backing Plate

To create an even more elegant or exclusive look we can add a brushed or anodised aluminium backing plate to your clear perspex signage.

This solution is often used for reception or business name signage and the aluminium backing board helps your branding or logo really stand out and makes it far more visible and stylish.

Cast or Coloured Perspex Signage

There are a variety of colours to choose from when it comes to cast perspex or acrylic signage. These cast (coloured) sheets can be cut to size or shape and vinyl elements or graphics can be applied to create your desired look or branding.

Custom perspex signs often make use of coloured perspex  in individual cut-out letter elements, to create a 3D or raised letter effect. These cut-out perspex letters can be mounted flush or on 5mm spacers to create the raised effect with small drop shadows.

Coloured Perspex Signage
Fabricated Perspex Signage

Fabricated Perspex Signage

Perspex letters & 3D perspex logos are popular in retail and architectural signage solutions. These 3D fabricated channel letters & logos are 100% customisable. 

We offer this 3D signage as standalone elements or mount them to a backing board perfect for both indoor and outdoor signage solutions.

The 3D signage elements are manufactured from cast or coloured perspex or acrylic pieces fixed together to create the final box letter or logo. These elements can also be sprayed to your desired pantone colour.

Illuminated Perspex Signage

3D LED illuminated signs or 3D illuminated letters and logos are popular shop front, business and building signage solutions. These indoor or outdoor illuminated signs are bold, vibrant and create high impact business branding.

We install LED strips inside these fabricated perspex signage elements which makes the box letter or logo glow the colour of the perspex. Another option is the only have the sides of the letter illuminate, creating a drop-shadow effect around your branding or logo.

Illuminated Perspex Signage

Perspex or Acrylic Signage Portfolio

Here are examples of some of the Perspex Signage we’ve made and installed in the past

Perspex sign with aluminium cut out elements
Perspex fabricated box letters
Clear perspex sign on spacers
Perspex signage board
Perspex signs with back print
Perspex sign with back print
3D fabricated perspex sign
Perspex office and business signage
Fabricated perspex letter sign
Clear perspex with aluminium backing plate
Perspex House number
Clear perspex with reverse vinyl 02
Clear perspex signage boards
Perspex sign with frosted vinyl
Perspex name board sign

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