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Custom Printed Wallpaper & Wall Art

Impress clients or friends and transform your business or home into a stylish and unforgettable space with custom printed wallpaper & wall art, business wall murals or graphics and vinyl wall art.

Whether you’re looking for an office refresh, a total makeover, or anything in-between, our personalised or custom printed wallpaper and other wall art solutions can help you meet your business decorating needs with lots of commercial wall-covering ideas.

Wallpaper Printing

Custom Wallpaper Printing

Our custom printed wallpaper vinyl (peel & stick) comes in rolls up to 1.3m wide and are joined together on site with a 20mm overlap matching the artwork elements together.

This custom wallpaper printing signage solution is popular in reception areas, retail spaces and residential applications.

High resolution images are required to achieve the best possible print quality but there are numerous websites where you can download or purchase high resolution images.

Custom Perspex or Acrylic Wall Art

Perspex or acrylic prints are a modern accessory for any interior. They are an excellent wall decoration in the house, especially one modern in style, as well as in offices and places such as showrooms, boardrooms, reception areas or general retail spaces.

To achieve this look we reverse print your artwork on clear vinyl and then laminate this with a white backing. This print is then applied to the back of the clear perspex making it look like the printing has been done on the back of the perspex or acrylic sheet.

These perspex wall art signage elements are then installed via aluminium barrel spacers to create the floating or raised effect.

Wall Art - Perspex
Wall Art - Full Colour Print

Wall Art - Wall Vinyl Prints

We digitally print and machine cut your artwork or design from a hi-tac wall vinyl, specifically made to be more adhesive than a standard vinyl. This wall vinyl can be applied to almost any smooth surface, including floors and ceilings. 

Perfect for residential wall art or commercial and retail wall branding applications, wall vinyl prints or wall art has become a popular branding solution, perfect for a variety of applications. 

Wall Art - Fabric Frames

Fabric frames have become a great substitute too wallpaper printing. The prints can easily be changes or swapped around and this is perfect for even changing images or campaigns in the retail sector.

Our Fabric Frames come in either wall mounted or freestanding units, illuminated or non-illuminated. These custom fabric display frames are supplied with a high-quality fabric prints giving you a bold and vibrant, smooth and glare-free print or display.

Wall Art - Fabric Frames
Wallpaper Elements

Custom Printed Vinyl Wall Art

We print and cut our wallpaper vinyl vinyl sheets to your desired shape or size, too create your vinyl wall art. This is a great way of branding certain areas instead of the full wall.

These images can be shape cut and include a full colour print, giving you a wide variety of options and almost limitless design ideas for your vinyl wall decor.

Custom vinyl wall art can be DIY or our professional installation crews can install in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. 

Wall Art - Pigmented Vinyl

Pigmented vinyl or solid coloured cast vinyl can be machine cut and applied to most smooth painted surfaces and windows. Pigmented vinyl wall art offers you bold and vibrant colour choices that are hard to match with digitally printed wall art solutions. 

The colour choices are almost endless and this has become a popular way of branding both retail and residential spaces. 

Custom pigmented vinyl wall art can be DIY or our professional installation crews can install in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. 

Wall Art - Pigmented Vinyl

Printed Wallpaper & Wall Art Portfolio

Here are examples of some of the Custom Wallpaper & Wall Art we’ve made and installed in the past

Custom Wallpaper Printing 03
Custom Wallpaper Printing 02
Custom Printed Wallpaper 01
Custom Printed Wallpaper 02
Custom Vinyl Wall Art 01
Custom Perspex or Acrylic Wall Art 01
Custom Perspex or Acrylic Wall Art 03
Custom Perspex or Acrylic Wall Art
Custom Vinyl Wall Art 02
Custom Perspex or Acrylic Wall Art 04
Fabric Frame Wall Art 01
Fabric Frame Wall Art 03
Fabric Frame Wall Art
Custom Vinyl Wall Art 03
Custom Perspex or Acrylic Wall Art 02

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