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Chromadek Signage Boards

Chromadek signage boards are both affordable and weather resistant. Chromadek sign boards are mostly used for basic outdoor signage solutions. We offer a full in-house chromadek sign printing solution including flat sheets, frames, freestanding signs, ground signs or pole signs. 

These outdoor vinyl signs or steel signage boards include either a full colour vinyl print, that can be laminated to increase its durability or pigmented vinyl cut out elements that have the longest lifespan between the two options. 

Chromadek Signage Boards

Chromadek Signage

Chromadek signs are square cut to size, however the standard or maximum sheet size is 2450mm x 1225mm. We apply cut-out vinyl or full colour vinyl prints to these sign boards. We also offer these chromadek signs on frames and/or poles, to create freestanding signs.

Main Applications:

  • Parking signs, way-finding signs
  • Flat sheet signs (most affordable option)
  • Chromadek with square tube frame, for rigidity
  • Freestanding signs

Chromadek Signs with Frames

It is suggested to add a square tube frame to the back of any larger metal or Chromadek sign boards. We manufacture the frame from steel square tubing and spray it to your desired colour after which we rivet the chromadek sheet to the frame and apply the vinyl print.

These square tube frames give the sign more rigidity, make it easier to install and create a more premium look than the flat sheet chromadek or metal signage offers.

Chromadek Signage Boards with frames
Freestanding Chromadek Signage Boards

Freestanding Chromadek Signage

We custom manufacture freestanding chromadek metal signs based on your specific requirements, single sided, double sided or custom designs. From basic parking signs, directional or way-finding signs to large construction and warning signs.

These structures are sprayed to your required colour and vinyl prints are applied to the chromadek sheeting. A clear laminate can be included to prolong the lifespan of both the vinyl and the print.

Chromadek Signage Portfolio

Here are examples of some of the Chromadek Signage Boards we’ve made and installed in the past

Custom Chromadek Signage Boards
Chromadek freestanding pole sign
Custom Chromadek Signage Boards with 25mm frame
Chromadek pole sign 02
Chromadek sheet signs 01
Chromadek sign with vinyl print
Chromadek signage boards 01
Custom Chromadek Signage Boards
Vinyl chromadek sign boards
Chromadek branding by Octangle
Chromadek pole sign
Chromadek printing 01
Chromadek sheet signs 02
Custom Chromadek Signage Boards with 25mm frame
Custom Chromadek sign with frame
Freestanding Chromadek signs
Chromadek sheet signs
Chromadek hanging signs
Chromadek printing 02
Custom Chromadek Signage Boards with 25mm frame
Chromadek with full colour vinyl - Copy
CustomChromadek sign with frame
Wall Mounted Custom Chromadek Signage Boards

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