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Aluminium Signage

Custom aluminium signage is perfect for indoor and outdoor signage, branding or advertising your brand. From logos to unique designs, you can use aluminium signage panels or custom laser cut metal signs for professional reception signage or even basic parking signs. 

Custom aluminium signs provide a range of benefits; they are lightweight, budget friendly and look fantastic, making them the ideal candidate for business signage or just a new shop sign. The shiny material is guaranteed to catch the eye off potential clients. If you are looking to exude professionalism, our range of aluminium business signs can be your one stop solution to a professional aesthetic, guaranteed to impress.

Our printed aluminium signs or laser cut metal signs can also be used for indoor signage solutions. You will often see reception signs made from aluminium. In a more commercial or business environment, many office signs are made from aluminium due to the striking aesthetic. 

Aluminium 3D Lettering

Aluminium 3D Lettering

Custom laser cut metal signs or aluminium 3D signs are perfect for offices, wall decor and business signage creating a professional look as well as being extremely durable and long lasting.

These aluminium cut-out letter & logo signs are CNC laser cut and finished in anodised or brushed aluminium effect, professionally sprayed to pantone colour or vinyl graphics are applied.

The aluminium signage elements are mounted flush or via stainless steel pins to create the floating or 3D effect.

Aluminium Signage Boards

Aluminium signage panels or composite sign boards also know as aluminium dibond signs are often used as shop front signage as well as reception or business signage, like information or directional sign boards. 

Aluminium panel signs are budget friendly, look great and are eye catching. We apply either full colour clear vinyl or vinyl cut out graphics to these aluminium sign boards to create the desired look.

These signage boards can be installed flush, on stainless steel pins or with stylish aluminium barrel spacers, to give it the raised 3D or floating effect. 

Backing Board Signs
Raised Letter Signs

Aluminium 3D Letter Sign Boards

Custom raised letter signs consist of an aluminium signage board with perspex or aluminium 3D raised letter or logo cut-out elements mounted individually on 5mm spacers, for smaller elements, or stainless steel pins for larger elements that require a more substantial raised look or drop-shadow.

These elements can be finished in specific perspex colours, anodised aluminium or sprayed to your pantone colour. Vinyl cut-out elements are used for any fine or small detail as there is a limit to how small the aluminium or perspex letter elements can be cut and mounted.

Aluminium Reverse Cut Signs

Reverse cut metal or aluminium signs are popular for indoor and outdoor signage, especially house number signs and certain receptions signage solutions. We reverse CNC cut the letters or logo and remove those elements creating a unique look.

Reverse cut aluminium signs are finished in anodised or brushed aluminium or we can professionally spray to pantone colour. Clear vinyl prints or vinyl cut-out elements can be added to create a different or special effect. These signage boards are mounted via stainless steel pins or aluminium barrel spacers to create the floating effect.

Reverse Cut Signs
Freestanding signs

Aluminium Freestanding Signs

We custom manufacture freestanding aluminium signs, ground signs or pole signs to your specific requirements and these are often used for directional and other exterior or outdoor business signage solutions.

These aluminium signage boards can be shape cut, opening up a whole world of design options. Vinyl prints or even raised aluminium cut-out letters can be mounted to these signs to create a custom dimensional sign with 3D elements.

Aluminium LED Backlit Signs

We create custom illuminated or backlit signs by mounting LED strip lighting to the back of each letter or logo element, to create an illuminated drop-shadow or halo effect.

These custom LED backlit metal cut-out signs are popular for both indoor and outdoor signage applications and makes the sign visible 24 hours a day. Popular in both retail or shop front name signs and estate or complex name signs.

LED Back-lighting

Aluminium Signage Portfolio

Here are examples of some of the Aluminium Signage we’ve made and installed in the past

Aluminium 3D Lettering 5
Aluminium Freestanding Signs
Aluminium 3D Lettering signage board
Aluminium 3D Lettering 9
Aluminium signage board 2
Aluminium 3D Lettering 7
Aluminium 3D Lettering 3
Aluminium 3D Lettering 4
Aluminium 3D Lettering 14
Aluminium Reverse Cut Sign
Aluminium 3D Lettering 8
Aluminium 3D Lettering 2
Aluminium 3D Lettering
3D Aluminium with LED illumination 4
Aluminium Reverse Cut Sign with LED illumination
Aluminium signage boards
Aluminium 3D Lettering 13
Aluminium 3D Lettering 11
Aluminium 3D Lettering 12
Aluminium 3D Lettering 5
Aluminium 3D Lettering 10
Aluminium and Clear Perspex Sign
Aluminium 3D Lettering 10

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