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Banner Poles & Flag Poles

We supply and install Banner Poles & Flag Poles, including custom vertical and wall mounted outdoor banner poles as well as heavy-duty commercial in-ground flagpoles.

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Banner Poles

Outdoor banner poles, also known as pole banners or boulevard banners are often seen along streets, promoting businesses, events or just used as an advertising tool. However, they can be used as roadside signage, promoting retail spaces or outlets or adding a splash of colour at casinos, hotels and other entertainment venues. 

Mostly printed on durable PVC vinyl material in rectangular shape, the actual pole banners or prints can be installed onto the extended arms or brackets.

Outdoor vertical banner poles

Outdoor banner poles are available in heights of either 6m or 9m. These custom vertical banner pole units include a double sided, PVC print at 2000mm x 650mm in size. We offer these architectural banner pole units in either a single view (1 banner), or double view (2 banner) options. Additional swivel or hinge bases can be added allowing for the banner pole unit to be lowered for future maintenance or banner replacement, recommended for the 9m banner pole units. We do also offer custom wall mounted banner pole units as well as installation services in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. 

Custom architectural banner poles

Flag Poles

In-ground or commercial heavy-duty flag poles come in the following sizes 6m, 7.5m, 9m, 12m or 15m ground mounted units. We do also offer custom wall mounted, flag pole units as well as flagpole installation in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. 

We offer the following flag pole options:

Ground Mounted Flag Poles

Poles are installed into a concreted ground sleeve, shimmed plumb and surrounded with sand. This is the most common type of installation in the 6m and 7.5m flag pole options.

Swivel or Hinge Base Flag Poles

Poles are installed over concreted bolts, with the hinge base on the bottom of the poles allowing for the pole to be lowered for future maintenance. Hinge base poles are more costly and are recommended the 9m, 12m and 15m flag poles. 

Wall Mounted Flag Poles

We offer both vertical and 45 degree flag pole brackets that can be bolted onto the side of a building, wall or structure. 

Indoor Flag Poles

Our indoor flag pole comes with the stand, pole and ground pegs for outdoor use. 

In ground commercial flag poles

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