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Custom Printed Notepads

Custom Printed Notepads or Memo Pads are the perfect give away for potential clients and can be fully customised.

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Custom Notepad Printing

When it comes to spreading your brand’s message, marketing is a crucial part of your business operations. Most industries are highly competitive, and struggle to stand out from its competition. But with custom personalised notepads, you can do just that.

Custom notepads, bulk or otherwise allow you to spread your business’s message and branding in a way or product that your potential clients will actually use. Think of them as useful business cards or flyers, fusing practicality and information to create a truly unique marketing product. Business cards are the traditional way of spreading a company’s name and branding, but these little cards are often thrown away, as they hold very little real world value to your audience.

The genius of using printed memo pads or notepads to carry your brand’s message is that they are an item that your audience will actually use for a long time. Notepads are a vital household and office item that someone will always need to use, be it to write down a quick message, reminder shopping list or for use in business meetings. Having your company or business name and contact details on it will help to keep your brand at the forefront of your clients minds. Plus, if they give these notes to others, your company’s message will be spread without you doing a thing.

Purchasing your wholesale custom notepads in bulk brings the price down considerably. When it comes to custom notepads, this bulk buying strategy will deliver added value to your audience whilst helping you stay within the budget for your marketing campaign.

Promotional Gift Notapads

Octangle Marketing also offers a wide range of branded promotional notepads and notebooks. These products can be branded on the front covers and make for ideal corporate or promotional gifts. View our range of branded promotional notepads. 

Custom or Personalised Sticky Notes

You might also be interested in our custom printed sticky notes. They are just as useful as notepads, can be fully customised and are more affordable than custom notepads. View our Sticky Notes page. 

Your event might also require some form of corporate and promotional gifts and clothing. Please feel free to browse our extensive catalogue.

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